Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will the Jews Try to Steal the 2011 Academy Awards Ceremony like they Did Last Year?

Being God's chosen people the Jews believe everything should be about them, and that is especially true on Oscar night. They have to steal the show. Why not? That's what Jews have a long history of doing, beginning with the theft of the homelands of the Canaanites and in this century the homeland of the Palestinians. And now they are in the process of stealing America from Americans. They've stolen Hollywood, Wall Street, the Supreme Court, the United States Government, even Disney (the Jews hate Walt because he hated them and they finally got payback!) and just about any other important American institution—except for the NRA. They prefer money, power, and the limelight, and they don't have to worry because the gentiles in uniform will protect them.

Visiting Hollywood is like visiting Jerusalem, and the Jews have turned it into a Babylon, cinema's sin city. And the Academy Awards ceremony is pretty much a Jew-fest. It's like watching an Oscar Bar Mitzvah. However, if you take a closer look at what's really going on, you’ll see that the Oscar ceremony is not only a celebration Hebrew cinema but also a celebration of pornography and other forms of decadence. Remember last year?

Jews Weasel into the Limelight

The Jews made sure that any Hollywood moment is about them. It’s part of the Jew’s PROPAGANDA OF IMPORTANCE. It is certainly an EGO THING. I mean only a Jew claimed to be God. And of course the Jews want everyone to know that they own Hollywood, which they do. That’s why it has become for the most part an anti-American cesspool.

Porn Central

First of all the 2010 program opened with the Jewish gay slut, gay porno star Brett Chukerman. Check it out for yourself:

You straight parents might want to have this picture blown up:

You know to inspire your sons to a different, twisted way of life. (And what's going on in the White House? I guess a steam bath will have to be installed for the Pres and his yummy new secretary.)

Brett’s companion was Playboy Bunny and Hispanic Lisa Guerrero. Check this little slut out:

Attention Soft Core:

Hard porn (beware):

Barbara Streisand

So what happened to Hollywood? The Jews turned it into a carnal sewer. And what happened to America? It’s gone drowned in the alien shit.

What originally inspired this rant was a photograph of BARBARA STREISAND putting her Zionist claw on KATHRYN BIGELOW during the Best Director presentation. Made me sick. If you don’t think Hollywood Jews don’t plan this sort of thing, you are just plain stupid. Of course they want to have one of their own present during the biggest moment of the awards. But what was disgraceful was that the war the movie The Hurt Locker is about was caused by the Jewish, Zionist neocons running the government during the Bush Administration and who are now running the present administration.

“Congressman James P. Moran Jr. of Virginia said that "American Jews are responsible for pushing the country to war with Iraq" and that powerful and influential Zionist leaders are manipulating Bush.”

Check out the role of the Zionist Jews in the Neoconservative moment in this country:

Go to Wikipedia for more information about neoconservativism. Of course, there are some Americans involved like Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Let’s face it, the Jews and other aliens could have taken over the U.S. Government without the help of American traitors.

So at the very moment a gentile woman becames the center of motion picture acclaim, the Hollywood Jews send in super-Jew Barbara Streisand with her Fu Manchu fingernails to steal some of Kathryn Bigelow’s thunder. The Jews are like rats and cockroaches. Their malignant presence is everywhere.

Barbara Streisand’s was intended to send a number of messages. Certainly one of them was the reminder that HOLLYWOOD LIKE AMERICA BELONGS TO THE JEWS. And it does. Even the movies not made directly by Jews are financed by them. Money is how Jews gain influence in every aspect of American society. They understand that money equals influence. Of course, they like to put on that WE LOVE AMERICA image, when the truth is they use and dupe America. The Uncle Sam of the Jews is Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff—the Jew who swindled the American Indians (he considered them Canaanites):

“The Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal is a United States political scandal relating to the work performed by political lobbyists Jack Abramoff, Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Grover Norquist and Michael Scanlon on Indian casino gambling interests for an estimated $85 million in fees. Abramoff and Scanlon grossly overbilled their clients, secretly splitting the multimillion-dollar profits. In one case, they secretly orchestrated lobbying against their own clients in order to force them to pay for lobbying services.” (Wikipedia)

God the Indians must hate the white man an awful lot or are just plain stupid to trust their affairs to Jews. But, you know how it is. When it comes to money the Jews are the man, just ask the man who guided the American economy to disaster Alan Greenspan.

You know I think a different kind of movie about the Jews should be made, called Swindler’s List, How the Jews Sold Out America. Here is just part of the cast:

What was the price? America—sold out to the highest bidders but he greediest sellers.

The Zionist Wars

The truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is they have nothing to do with protecting the American people and everything to do with destroying Israel’s enemies (and using Iraq and Afghanistan as testing areas for new ordinance, weapon systems, and military tactics), America soldiers are cannon fodder for the Zionists. And the United States Military has nothing to with protecting the American people. It has become War, Inc., like the militaries in South America that serve themselves and well-heeled businessmen or crooks.

Was the 2010 Oscar Night intended to send a message to Muslims? You bet. The Jews are still in control. It’s just that Americans are the ones dying in the Zionists’ Iraqi and Afghan operations, as seen in the movie Hurt Locker, not the Jews. The Jews are making a killing at the bank and in Hollywood.

Jews and the American Economic Meltdown

More on the Wall Street super Judas who led the way to destroying the American economy while making his fellow Jews and a number of American gentile traitors wealthy, yes I’m talking about ALAN PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY GREENSPAN. If you don’t get the allusion then you shouldn’t have dropped out of high school. Take a look:

So that’s what God made in his image! Then God is a really ugly dude and I don’t want to go to heaven and have to look at him for an eternity.

Anyway, I heard on NPR that Greenspan announced in a paper (basically a whitewash paper) that he didn’t do anything to bring about the collapse of the U.S. economy even though that is a FUCKING LIE. Even the folks on leftist NPR said that much. Actually I trust the business part of the program, Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. Those people seem willing to point out the bad guys—be they Republican, Democrat, or Jewish or Republicans, Democrat or Jewish. All fucking crooks.

Of course, they didn’t call Greenspan a greedy, dirty fucking lying Jew. That’s what blogs are for. Greenspan ran the Fed. for nearly 19 fucking years. And he was in favor of the Republican policy LET GREED RUN FREE, because it is Jewish policy, you know the money-changers getting rich of people who work for a living. GOD I HATE REPUBLICANS. LYING MOTHERFUCKERS—AND I’M TALKING ABOUT THE GENTILES, NOT THE JEWS. THE ONE WHO BETRAYED THE COUNTRY WHILE ALL DRESSED UP IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE.

You have to give the Democrats credit for not pretending to be Americans. They wear a hammer and sickle pin instead of the little American flag pin. What a fucking joke that lapel pin is.

Joseph Eugene Stiglitz says, “that Alan Greenspan ‘is right that this downturn is going to be the worst downturn in a quarter century, but he's largely to blame,’ adding ‘It's not just that he was asleep at the wheel, he actively looked the other way.’”

Why is it that anytime you’re talking about money you find Jews all over the place? Jesus was right, the Jewish religion really is MAMMON (worshiping the Golden Calf) and YAHWEH is just a cover goyish schmucks.

The Jews Minority Majority Agenda for America

That’s right. The Jews seek to turn America over to their alien allies and then they will be top dog on the American alien dung heap. Barbra herself said, “‘The Democrats have always been the party of working people and minorities. I've always identified with the minorities.’” Streisand has personally raised $15 million for [anti-American] organizations through her live performances.” (Wikipedia) Here, take a look at her beautiful minorities:

Personally, I consider her an enemy of the American people (yeah, yeah, the gentiles).

Recap of who the Jews really are:

An ethnic messianic complex: The Jews believe they are the chosen people to conquer the world, but they can only do it through surrogates. The first stage was to brainwash the world with their religion proclaiming them as God’s chosen people. This ensured that they would always be a player, though a hated one.

Second they learned in Egypt and Babylon how to infiltrate the highest levels of society and use money as a means of control and influence. In a sense, the Crusades themselves were a Jewish operation carried out by European surrogates. It failed (as the American Crusades are failing today), but then America came to power and the Holocaust occurred, and as in the crucifixion of Jesus it gave them unearned and undeserved status. Their moment had come. They had infiltrated the power centers of America which would become their divinely inspired protector.

The next step was to create a political agenda that would give them supreme power—and that agenda would be the NEOCONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT.

However, not all American gentiles had been deceived by the Jews program, so white America had to be marginalized. This task was left to the Jewish Marxists operating in America. Since America is a democracy and the Jews are not a populous (or popular) minority, they needed allies that could continue to increase their power and influence. They had already three powerful surrogates:

(1) The Catholic leftists represented by the like of Edward Kennedy (I'm so glad he's dead).

(2 The right-wing conservative evangelicals, represented by the likes of George Bush (who's already brain dead).

(3) The various anti-American Marxist-leftists such as the gays and lesbians, blacks and other various groups associated with the Democrat party.

What was needed to shift power completely away from Anglo-Saxon America was a massive influx of non-European aliens, especially those, like the Jews, who despised Americans of European ancestry. Thus the Jews became the biggest supporters of a MULTICULTURAL AMERICA. Its banner slogans are DIVERSITY IS GOOD, and those against the diversification of America are evil racists. (Kind of like the Indian savages who didn't want their homelands diversified by Europeans.)

The three Jewish centers of operation for the NEW ZIONIST-MARXIST ALIENIZED AMERICA are the following: (1) Wall Street—the financial center for Zion America. And New York City is the prototype of what the Jews want for America—a minority-majority population over which the Jews are the controlling minority. DIVIDE AND CONQUER! The city is saturated with Zionist and Marxist Jews. Keep in mind the Jews were the one who radically introduced Marxism into America. And they never abandoned their Zionist-Marxist roots.

(2) Washington D.C. The Jewish control of the U.S. Government goes back decades. For example check out Bill Clinton’s lover affair with the Jews (in addition to Monica Jewinsky, Lewdwinsky, however you spell her name):

It could be argued that they took complete control with their born-again puppet George W. Bush and his Neoconservative administration. And today the Zionist-Marxist dream has come true with the Zionist-Marxist-Alien dominated administration of Kenyon Barack Hussein Obama. His original right-hand man was not the Anglo idiot boy Biden, who is almost invisible, but Rahm Israel Emanuel (who now seeks to make Chicago his own little kibbutz):

“Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois to Jewish parents. His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, a Jerusalem-born pediatrician, was a member of the Irgun [Zionist terrorist group]. His mother, Marsha Smulevitz, was the daughter of a Chicago union organizer. She worked in the civil rights movement.” (Wikipedia)

The Hollywood cultural cesspool is reaching throughout America—poisoning it with it Jewish inspired decadence.

Am I a racist? You can call me that if you like. I don’t mind because it is true, like the American Indians, I prefer to live among my own people, and I preferred Hollywood before the Jews turned it into a toilet. Even the Hispanics, blacks, Jews and Asians who move into Anglo neighborhoods do so not because they like Anglos; they just what to take what the Anglos have created and built—a functional society. The Hispanics, Africans, Jews, and Asians who have been invading America for the past century have come as thieves—to steal America from Americans.

But also I think of myself as a CULTURALIST. I don’t like black and Hispanic cultures. To me they are diseased and destructive. I don’t like Jews because I consider them decadent and enemies of America—leftist multiculturalists who seek to overthrow Americans as the dominant social-political-economic power in the United States. With the help of traitorous American power-brokers, such as George Bush, they have succeeded beyond even their wildest dreams. Their method is to cripple Americans, to weaken them politically, economically, legally, and socially. Americans are becoming marginalized by these very powerful alien forces.

Look at what has happened to Hollywood, which, like I said above, is today no more American than Tel Aviv, described by as “a city in W central Israel: one of the centers of Jewish immigration following World War II. 334,900.” Did you get that? A city invaded by Jews after WWII. Wikipedia tells us, “In the 1860s Jaffa's small Sephardic community was joined by Jews from Morocco and small numbers of European Ashkenazi Jews, making by 1882 a total Jewish population of more than 1,500.”

That’s right. A hundred years ago the Jewish presence was minimal. And the name of the city was JAFFA; there was no TEL AVIV! And Wikipedia explains that “The new [Jewish] arrivals were motivated more by ZIONISM than religion and came to farm the land and engage in productive labor.” These Jews were grubby LANDGRABBING ZIONISTS. And GRABBING AFTER MONEY AND POWER IS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IN AMERICA.

Of course the stupid filthy British colonialists controlled Palestine at the time and allowed the Zionist conquest of Palestine. When the Arabs revolted against the ZIONIST INVASION the British sent warships and soldierS to protect the ZIONIST INVADERS. “Military reinforcements were brought in from Malta and Egypt”—that right the filthy British were in Egypt as well. (But now the British are getting a little Islamic payback at home. Ha, ha, ha!)

And that does sound a lot like America, where U.S. Stormtroopers will crush any American action against the millions of illegal aliens that have invaded and are destroying America. Now you know why Americans are flying planes into government buildings, traveling across the country to attack U.S. ferderalies, and shooting up the place in alien-overrun Arizona. Because most Americans (even those that haven't gone nuts)now know that their government no longer serves them but serves the millions who have been invading the country and who really hate Americans’ guts. Like I said, look who is president, Barack Dream-Act Obama.

Today, “Metropolitan Tel Aviv, with 2.5 million Jews, is the world's largest Jewish city.”
So the Jews built Tel Aviv which swallowed Jaffa like the whale swallowed Jonah and transformed the ancient pastoral region and its ancient city into a Zionist, urban hell hole for anyone but Jews. The name Tel Aviv means SPRING MOUND but only to the Jews. To everyone else it means ZIONIST DUNG HILL. And for it did to the Palestinians GREAT BRITAIN DESERVES TO BE DESTROYED BY THE MUSLIMS NOW INVADING IT! I'm repeating myself, but it's worth saying again. FUCK THE BRITISH! Oh, you don't have to. They are fucking themselves--financially and demographically, just as America has.

Do the those stupid fish and chips eating fucks really believe that the Muslims will forgive them for that crime against the Palestinian people which has threatened the stability of the world and embroiled the U.S. in Middle East quagmire caused by Britain and Zionist Jews. No way. NEVER! And I don’t say this as a fan of the Muslims. I don’t want to live around them either, just as the Palestinians don’t want to live near the Jews.

Yeah, I don’t like Jews for the same reason the Palestinians don’t. (And now the Islamic Jew-American haters are liberating themselves). The Jews destroyed the Palestinians' homeland (like the U.S. destroyed Iraq and is destroying Afghanistan)and now the Jews are destroying my homeland in a half dozen ways—but especially politically, demographically, and culturally. Just as the Jews have transformed Hollywood in to a filthy toilet, they are transforming America into a filthy cultural and demographic toilet.

Get Him to the Greek

Speaking of filthy, let's look at one piece of Jewish filth to come out of Hollywood, Get Him to the Greek—Rated R for strong sexual content and drug use throughout, and pervasive language. Take a peek:

More recently:

Sex and Other Drugs

No Strings Attached

The Kids are Alright

You ever get the feeling America being flush down a Jewish cultural toilet? Back to the 2010 Oscars.

Ben Stiller Mocking a Real Film Maker

Jews are all about mocking gentiles. In this case Ben Stiller is paraded out in Avatar mocking makeup:

Everything apart from Israel is a big fucking joke to the Jews. Avatar is not only an entertaining film, and technically innovative, it also has some serious themes, such an advanced technological military machine invading and destroying a people’s homeland because the invaders want it.

Gee, sounds like the Jews and the Palestinians, or America invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Yeah, a movie like that needs to be joked about so it isn’t taken too seriously. And who is the maker of the film being mocked: James Francis Cameron, writer and director of two cinematic masterpieces The Terminator and Aliens.

What is Stiller’s new film? Another Jewish angst movie—Greenberg, describe by one critic in this way: “It is always difficult to care for a film with a central character who is whiney, self-centered, and pathetic. This movie and Greenberg the character are no exception.”

But whiney, self-centered, and pathetic is what Jews are when not mocking, such as when Larry David pisses on Jesus (which I consider a capital offense) or arrogant Bernie Madoff pissing on Americans. And what about the Cohen brothers’ A Serious Man? No one but Jews take Jewish malaise. The movie is supposed to be based on the Book of Job. Job is another whiny Jew, but the writer had enough sense to suspect that the God idea is just nonsensical bullshit. In other words, if there is a God why life so shitty for most people. And by the way, why was God paying attention to a bunch of ugly desert rats, the Jews (unless they were a lot better looking then the braided, black bearded, black-hat wearing gnomes of today) and ignored the peoples of REAL CIVILIZATIONS such as the Egyptians and the Phoenicians?).

This year the Cohen brothers stole an American story of the old west and put a Jew in to play the led. Culture thieves.

But the Book of Job is also another good example of the Hebrew mind poison. You will notice that the Jewish God takes all the credit for nature being what it is. Like the Jews themselves, the greedy Fucker has to be the center of attention. So during the first part of the story you have to listen to the whiny Jew bitch about his life (maybe he has a mirror in the house so gets depressed each day when he looks into it--you know if he looks anything like Greenspan).

Then in the second part of the story you have to listen to the Jewish God brag about all that he knows and has done. Nature doesn’t get any credit. The Hebrew religion is one BIG FUCKING REASON Hebrew religious brotherhood of Jews, Christians, and Moslems doesn’t give a shit about nature. So for about 5,000 years the Jews have been pouring mind-poison into the ears of humanity. But what would you know about this, being a STUPID FUCKING GOY!

And Sunday you're going to get a lot more Jewish promotional propaganda at the 2011 Oscars.

I tell you, the fucking Jews are a sickness, and the infection begins in their twisted religion, which has spread throughout the world like a mental plague, producing religious war, genocides, pedophile priests, Kansas nut cases (like that fucking self-righteous Fred Phelps), Islamic holy wars (that’s right, the Hebrew gave birth to Islam). The Bible is a fucking horror story and it has been the cause of a lot of horrific history. Now I don’t believe in God, certainly not a fucking Jewish god that looks like Greenspan, but if he did exist I’m sure the Holocaust would have been his punishment to the Jew for creating him in their image: that of a twisted, diabolical cosmic tyrant.

America at High Noon

Essential reading:

The Transparent Cabal by Stephen Sniegoski

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer

The Palestinian Catastrophe: The 1948 Expulsion of a People by Michael Palumbo

The Bible Unearthed
by Israel Finkelstein (The Bible is Jewish propaganda!)

Time to flush... swoosh into the Internet sewer.